Fashion International

Visit our retail store for the best fitted men’s suits in Michigan!

Fashion International designs unique, one of a kind clothing for individuals who appreciate fashion at its best!

At Fashion International, we design and innovate outstanding clothing, suits and accessories for people who are not afraid of being individually noticed.  Fashion International is your retail store for business occasions, holiday parties, family gatherings and more. We fit all sizes, big, small, short and tall.

We make custom suits and made to size clothing for those with special size needs. Whether you need extra large or very small clothing, custom clothing is what we do better than anyone in the Detroit area.

All of our custom clothing is hand-made on site with the best quality and materials.

“Fashion International can make a custom, quality dress shirt in 24 hours and a custom, quality suit in 48 hours; we are absolutely the only one who can deliver this in North America.”

Fashion International has a suit for:

Business Men who want to look and feel professional

Professional and college athletes who are hard to fit sizes

People with a unique sense of style

Weddings or formal occasions

Job interviews

Big and small sizes

Holiday Parties

New Year’s Eve Parties

Fashion guru’s who love one of a kind clothing

No other store in the world sells these items!

Fashion International creates timeless apparel. Always offering a completely custom look from fabric that will never be used twice. Each custom made suit and shirt is exclusive to the unique individual that wears it.