Charles Woodson,
1997 Heisman Trophy Winner, NFL
“Besides being a professional NFL player, I am visible. My appearance is very important to me. When I’m not in uniform, I like to be sophisticated and elegantly dressed, making a profound statement with my clothing is always my goal. For over eight years of working with Larry at Fashion International, I have had over 200 complete outfits that have not been duplicated on myself or anyone else. I enjoy having an outfit that is suitable for the weather in the city I am playing in and each game day Fashion International creates a complete new outfit from head to toe. They’re one-of-a-kind, and always has been one-of-a-kind. The quality cannot be matched.”

Bishop John H. Sheard,
Greater Mitchell Temple Church of God In Christ
“I met Larry about fifteen years ago and I’ve been shopping at Fashion International since then. I even told my wife to shop there, whenever she wants to buy me something. I’ve highly recommended the brothers at the store to my fellow preachers and my congregation. Thank God they are doing a good job.”

Bishop Milton C. Woods,
International Deliverance Center
Fashion International is not just a store that I shop at. It is an environment that I enjoy visiting. 90% of my current wardrobe came from the store. They make my suits, shirts, and ties and I love the way they fit. Archie and Larry are professionals. I respect and admire their knowledge. They don’t even have to see me to pick a perfect combination for my needs.”

Garth Groman,
Medical Salesman
“I’m a businessman and my clothes need to look crisp, sharp and professional. After moving to Metro Detroit from Philadelphia I watched a segment on FOX about fashion where Fashion International was profiled. After seeing some of the garments showcased from Fashion International, I saw their quality and style which was what I had been looking for. Immediately I went to the store and have been a customer ever since. I receive compliments on my apparel throughout the day, from the time I leave my home. The staff knows my taste, understands my personality and always creates a unique look that not only fits my style and taste, but makes me feel wonderful.”

Damien Woody,
2-time Super Bowl Champion, NFL
“I always want to look sharp, look different and look professional. Generally athletes are difficult to fit. As a 6’3″, 325 lb. player in the NFL, I cannot walk into any store and buy a garment that fits me. Meeting Larry was a blessing and he has provided me all that. Every weekend during the NFL season, I get a custom made unique outfit from Fashion International just for me – and I look good!”